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You are invited to the ARNES 2014 Conference – Knowledge Transfer (28 May 2014)

Tuesday, 15. 4. 2014 11:08

As of today, registration for the ARNES 2014 Conference (programme) is open. The main theme of this year’s event will be the exchange of knowledge. Registration for the event, which will take place on 28 May 2014 in Kranjska Gora as a part of SIRikt 2014 conference, is possible on the conference web page. NO REGISTRATION FEE.

The exchange of knowledge had already gone beyond the walls of classic classrooms in the previous century, but modern technology with its rapid advances provides ever simpler and more efficient methods for transferring knowledge. In today’s world, learning is thus no longer the exclusive domain of nurseries, schools and universities.  Technology goes hand in hand with research institutes, museums, galleries and other organizations, for which it provides a means for sharing their content and accumulated knowledge. Technology nowadays allows us to overcome our physical limitations as well as the limits in our understanding of the exchange of knowledge, since we no longer think of the global classroom simply in terms of overcoming borders, but also from the point of view of target audiences that might be interested in our content.

The conference will kick-off with a lecture on how to establish a platform with which we will be able to implement knowledge testing using modern technology. We will learn how modern technologies allow us to deliver lectures remotely in their entirety, regardless of the distances involved.  This of course means that we are no longer limited to Slovenia, since our audience can be anywhere.

Most of you are probably already familiar with, Europe’s biggest open distance learning platform – on this occasion you will also have the opportunity to get a better look at its underpinnings. We will examine how open distance learning has been applied in Croatia and what ARNES has prepared in this field.

Considering that the “storefront” of most educational organizations is still their website, we will take a look at what can happen if insufficient attention is paid to this aspect, how to prevent unpleasant accidents related to our web pages and learn a few useful tips for current website content management systems.

The conference will be concluded by an overview of the services ARNES provides. In addition to practical use cases for established services that you are already familiar with, we will demonstrate two services that will significantly simplify communications with target audiences.

The ARNES Conference brings together the fields of education, research and culture and is intended for a wide range of attendees, since it covers new technologies from the perspective of the user as well as the system. The Conference is not just an event to learn something new and useful. In addition to compelling lectures it will also provide an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with other conference participants at the traditional cheese feast at the end of the event. Lastly, the ARNES Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet members of the ARNES team who will be available throughout the conference.



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