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Internet security

We devote considerable attention to the security of the network and users.

Protecting the network and users operates on several levels:

  • High level of protection of the backbone of the ARNES network and other network infrastructure that connects our users to the Internet;
  • By managing communications equipment for of connected organisations, we can ensure more secure communications with the network, and also adjust access control to users’ wishes (ACL);
  • In its network, Arnes maintains (software) infrastructure to support the establishment of secure wireless networks eduroam;
  • We protect the electronic mail of our users from viruses and unsolicited mail (antivirus, antispam, protecting other Internet users from our users – restricting the spread of infections and spam from the ARNES network to the global Internet).

The Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team SI-CERT operates within Arnes. An important aspect of the activities of SI-CERT is raising awareness and providing information to users and the general public via security warnings and describing network risks, as well as by organising professional workshops and training in Internet security. We also raise public awareness as partners in the SAFE-SI project, the national information portal on safe Internet use for children and young people.


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