Skoči na glavno vsebino

Arnes provides advanced web and network services to eligible organisations and web hosting, electronic mail and dialup Internet access to individuals.

  • Access: connecting organisations’ local networks to the ARNES network, upgrading connection speeds and managing connections. 
  • Web, email, servers: web hosting (html, PHP/MySQL, LAMP), domain-name registration and redirection. 
  • Network services: IP-level connectivity, dedicated point-to-point connections, Eduroam and other services provided by the ARNES network. 
  • Multimedia services: audio, video and computer communication in real time using many different methods – web and H.323 videoconferencing, archiving of videconference events. 
  • ArnesAAI: infrastructure enabling simple and secure use of web and network services within a particular community of users and service providers. 
  • Security: protecting the ARNES network and local-area networks of organisations, advanced security services for individuals, and coordination and intervention in Internet incidents.
  • information on registration and renewal of .si domain names, registrars, disputes, statistical and other data on .si domain names. 
  • Services for individuals: hosting of personal or project websites, webmail …

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(working days, 8 AM–4 PM)