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Starting the New Year with a renovated web page

Tuesday, 12. 1. 2016 13:47

Visitors of the Arnes web page will notice some novelties, among which is a renovated design, but a very important change happened in the background. The web page was moved to Arnes Splet, a platform that is based on the most popular solution in the world – WordPress.


Arnes Splet is user-friendly, quick and simple solution for setting up the web pages, therefore it was a simple decision, that Arnes used it for the renovated web page. Arnes’s web page is now responsive; design of the web page is adapting oneself to a device with which a user is accessing it. With responsive design Arnes took care of the improved experience for users, who are accessing the web page with smartphones and tablets.

We will continue with structural and content renovation of the web page in the future, as we want to ensure usability and user-friendliness for our users and other visitors.

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